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  • Can I browse prints in person at local popups during the 2024 market season?
    Yes! That Hippie Painter will be popping up at local venues this summer. Follow on Instagram and Facebook for updates! @thathippiepainter
  • What are the shipping options?
    At this point in time Shipping is Handled through Order a print for prints and UPS delivery for originals, this usually takes 2-3 days after payment and packaging has been processed. Shipping will only take place on weekdays and not on the weekends.
  • What do I do if I received a defective order?
    We at RV-Artwork, by That Hippie Painter take great care in the packaging of our products, but if you do receive a defective product, we would require you to mail back the product, and after assessing the return product a refund will be processed straight away.
  • How do I contact That Hippie Painter for specific questions?
    The easiest and efficient way to contact is through email (, where we aim to reply back within 48 hours.
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